Another really easy way to make sure that people stay safe around your pool is by installing a pool alarm. When you dont want anyone to be near the pool, turn your alarm on. If someone tries to go into the pool or near it, the alarm will sound and youll be alerted. You can install either an alarm that sits right on the pool, or you can use a perimeter alarm. The perimeter alarm acts like an electric fence, so youll know when anyone gets even relatively near the water. If you have a diving board, feel free to put an alarm near that as well to ensure no one climbs up on it when they aren’t supposed to. Today, 38% of in ground pools have diving boards, which is why you can’t forget about this feature.

Use a Gate

If you dont want anyone near your pool, but dont want to use a cover, a gate is a great option. When you leave the pool to go in the house or to leave for the day, lock the gate. The gate will go all around the pool, so itll also act as a fence. This is one of the easiest ways to keep everyone safe.

Have Pool Safety Equipment on Hand

You can do everything in your power to try and prevent bad things from happening, but sometimes, you cant stop the inevitable. Having pool safety equipment at all times is key. When you and a group of people are going swimming, especially if young children are around, make sure to bring out any life jackets, floaties, or ropes you feel are necessary. If something does happen while youre swimming, youll be prepared to handle the situation.

Swimming in a pool is a lot of fun as long as youre taking the proper steps to be safe. Keep the above tips in mind when hopping in the pool or leaving for the day to make sure no one gets hurt.

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